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With our online plan comparison, you can shop Florida Medicare Supplement Plans within a few minutes.  Even if you already have a Medicare supplement plan you should take a look each year to make sure you have the best pricing that’s available to you.  Did you know that all plans are created equal?  For example, if you have a Plan F from XYZ Company, that same Plan F from any other company has the exact same coverage.  Every Florida Medicare Supplement plan by law is “standardized” which means they must all offer the same basic benefits, no matter the company.  Cost is typically the only difference.  Don’t settle for higher costs for the same benefit.  See below the “standardized” plans.


How do I enroll in Florida Medicare Supplement Plans?

Open enrollment for Medigap is a one-time-only, 6-month period. Federal law allows you to buy any Florida Medigap policy you choose (that’s sold in your Florida.) Open enrollment starts in the first month you’re covered under Medicare Part B and you’re 65 or older.

Other states may additional open enrollment periods, however the six months surrounding your 65th birthday is the ideal time to enroll in a Florida Medicare Supplement policy. During this open enrollment period, insurance companies cannot deny you a policy because of your health, charge you more due to your health or require that you wait for coverage to start. Acquiring policies that cover all of your needs after open enrollment period may prove to be difficult, or at the very least, more costly since you will fall under medical underwriting at that time.


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