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Florida Medigap Insurance

There are many insurance companies that sell Medigap insurance in the state of Florida.  Some of the leading carriers include BCBS of Florida, Humana, United Healthcare, Mutual of Omaha, and Gerber Life.  Medigap plans if Florida are “standardized” so it’s best to shop plans for… Continue reading

Issue Age, Community Rated, & Attained Age Medigap Pricing Explained

How do Insurance companies set pricing for Florida Medigap Plans?  Here is an explanation of the three types of pricing: 1.  Issue-Age:  Medigap premiums are based on the age that you purchase the policy.  For example, Mrs. Williams purchases a Florida Medigap plan N at age… Continue reading

Florida Medicare Supplement Plans

Did you know that even if you already have a Medicare supplement plan in Florida that you can change insurance companies anytime throught the year?  Most people think the only time you are allowed to change Florida Medicare supplement plans is during the “Annual Election… Continue reading