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Florida Medicare 2015

As we rapidly approach the 2015 Annual Enrollment Period, the two most asked questions are; what will happen with Medicare spending? And; how will it affect my Medicare? First, depending on whom you listen to will affect the answer you receive. In early April the Obama… Continue reading

Issue Age, Community Rated, & Attained Age Medigap Pricing Explained

How do Insurance companies set pricing for Florida Medigap Plans?  Here is an explanation of the three types of pricing: 1.  Issue-Age:  Medigap premiums are based on the age that you purchase the policy.  For example, Mrs. Williams purchases a Florida Medigap plan N at age… Continue reading

Florida Medicare Plans

So how do you know what the best Medicare plan for you is?  Floridians want to know they have the proper coverage for their Medicare needs whether it’s a Medicare supplement (Medigap), or a Medicare Advantage plan.  Our Florida Medicare Plans website can help you… Continue reading